Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cinnamon Mooncake Cookies

Days before Mid-Autumn festival, the Chinese markets in our community are stocked with colorful tins of mooncakes--tan and golden cakes the size of hockey pucks, imprinted with the Chinese characters for "wealth" and "happiness." They are beautiful! 

The trouble kids have never gotten accustomed to their flavor (slightly sweet or salty due to their lotus bean paste, red bean paste, or egg yolk filling) or texture (dense and a bit chewy like cold cookie dough).

Then, I discovered Spoon and Chair's Cinnamon Buddha Cookie recipe. We used this recipe with the mooncake molds my husband brought back from China--which look to be deeper than Mooncake cookie molds. We ended up with buttery shortbread-type cookies that wowed with cinnamon taste and kept the beautiful shape of the mooncake mold. 

Some tips if using this recipe in your mooncake mold

  • Reduce chill time so your dough is pliable enough to work it into the mold with your fingers.
  • Use a butter knife to remove the extra dough from the mold. This will make a flat bottom for the cookie...and make it prettier!
  • Give the molds a good "ka-whack" to pop the cookies out of the mold. They can get really stuck. Flouring the before adding new dough each time can help with this also. 
  • Remove from oven when cookies start turning golden brown. Ours got a little toasty at the end of the recommended 20 minutes.
  • For goodness sakes, make 2 batches! With our molds, the recipe yielded only 11 cookies...which means they disappeared in a matter of hours. They are that good.

What treats do you make for Mid-Autumn Festival?

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