Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back-To-School Printable:

How to Write Numbers 1-10 in Chinese Characters

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It's hard to believe that we are already in Week 2 of Back to School! While the big kids are in class (and the little one is napping), I've been working on curriculum for a K-2 Level 1 Mandarin class I'll be teaching later this fall. 

This week I combed the web for character practice printables that showed both stroke order and direction. I was totally surprised when I couldn't find anything that fit the bill, except of course, for some websites that offered printables that I could download for a hefty yearly membership fee--Yikes! The cheapskate in me was not ready for this.  

So, I decided to use my new-found love of Picmonkey and make them myself. And because I want other people to have access to this resource, I am sharing them with you!

Click here to download. 
What's included in the printable? 
  • 1 practice sheet for each number 1-10.
  • Stroke order and direction of the stroke is shown for each character.
  • Guide lines are shown to give student a general sense of where to place each stroke.
Why numbers 1-10? 
  • With 5 or fewer strokes, these characters are great for beginners. 

Why don't the characters look like Chinese calligraphy?
  • This printable is not intended for calligraphy practice. I decided to show Chinese characters as if written with a pencil or marker (like your kiddo or student will be using).  
Why is stroke order and direction important?
  • Some people don't think that stroke important is important, as long as you are able to write the character. While this is a valid point, I think that having a standard way of writing each character helps with muscle memory. 
Why are they only black and white? Where's the pizazz?
  • I did this so they would be easy (and inexpensive) to print. 

What do you think about this printable? Will you use it in your home or classroom?
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