Friday, February 27, 2015

Volcano Craft DIY

We have been getting creative learning about Chinese characters that are pictographs. This week we learned how to write the characters for fire (火, h) and mountain (山, shān)I loved watching their little eyes light up as they realized that when you combine these characters, you get the word for volcano (火山, huǒshān ).

I was inspired by ShaoLan's fire and mountain graphic illustrations (on her Chineasy website) to create this simple craft to help the kids remember these characters.

What we used for this project:

  • cardstock or construction paper
  • scissors
  • gluestick
  • markers

What we did: 

I prepped the project by cutting out the three pieces:
    1. the backgroundan 8 X 11 cut in half (width-wise)  
   2.  the mountain: We used cool rock-looking 8 X 11 paper cut into quarters 
            (snip off edges to shape into a volcano).

       3. the flame: I just free-hand drew a template and then traced/cut out copies.

The kids wrote the character for fire on the flame and mountain on the volcano, and then pasted the two pieces on the card stock background.


One more thing...
don't forget the smoke and lava! 

Don't you love their creativity??

What art projects with Chinese characters are you creating?

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