Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vet Visit Imaginary Play: Prescription Printable

Our Vet Visit imaginary play was such a hit that we added a new component this week: 

A prescription form--in Mandarin, of course!

Click here to download the character version  Click here to download the pinyin version

How can you use this form? 

1.  Have your child, the "doctor," fill it out:
  • Fill in the name of the medicine (药的名字,yào de míngzì), 
  • Circle when the medicine should be taken: morning (早上, zǎoshang) or evening (晚上, wǎnshàng)
  • Note the number of times the medicine should be taken (几次, jǐ cì)
  • Sign their "doctor" name (医生名字,yīshēng míngzì) 
  • Write in the date (日期,rìqí

2.  Learn to write some of the characters on the form:
  • We talked about the character 医 (yī, medicine), how it is an "arrow" (失,shǐ) inside a "container" (匸,xǐ) because a regular task of early doctors in China was pulling arrows out of wounded soldiers' chests (read about it here).

3.  Act the part of the "doctor's assistant"
It's your job to fill out the form, but to do so, you need to ask the "doctor" for the information on the form. This is a great chance for your child to practice their Mandarin listening and speaking skills. Ask: 

What is the name of the medicine?       Yào de míngzì shì shénme?       药的名字是什么?
Doctor, what is your name?        Yīshēng nǐ jiào shénme míngzì?    医生,你叫什么名字?
When will she take her medicine?     Tā shénme shíhòu chī yào?           他什么时候吃药?
What is today's date?                       Jīntiān shì jǐ yuè jǐ hào?                 今天是几月几号?

These are just ideas to get you started. It's imaginary play, so let your imagination go play!

How do you use imaginary play to practice Mandarin in your home? 

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