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I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm Steph, mom to three wonderful kids who are non-heritage learners of Mandarin Chinese. Non-heritage means that even though my kids are surrounded by Chinese culture in our home, Mandarin is not their first language, English is. 

Since much of our extended family speaks Mandarin, including my in-laws, we speak Mandarin and bring Chinese culture into our home to celebrate our family's cultural heritage and to stay connected to those we love.

Fun facts about me and my crew:

My husband grew up in Shanghai, China. Our family is multi-cultural, with relatives in the U.S., China, Germany, Sweden, and India.

I'm a research nerd. I spent eight years researching Chinese music--most of this on a fascinating musical storytelling genre from Shanghai and Suzhou called tanci. Now, I work in pediatric clinical medical research. When work lets out, I research new and creative ideas for teaching Mandarin for fun. 

I love to show others that learning Chinese is fun....because it is. I'm constantly on the lookout for creative  activities, projects, books, techniques, etc... that will engage my kids in language learning.

What you will find at Monkeys and Mooncakes: 

Fun and creative ideas for bringing Chinese language and culture into the home. Check out these links to get started: 

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